The Angeles University Foundation Medical Center (AUFMC) is a non-stock, non-profit world-class healthcare facility located in Angeles City, Philippines, less than an hour north of Manila and minutes away from Diosdado Macapagal International Airport.

          It was 1985 when Dr. Emmanuel Y. Angeles first decided to put up what is now known as the Angeles University Foundation Medical Center (“AUFMC”). At the time, Dr. Angeles envisioned the establishment of a five (5)-storey, one hundred fifty (150)-bed capacity medical facility that would satisfy the need for quality health care services in the region.


          Giving birth to AUFMC was no easy task. Financing was hard to come by. No institution was willing to lend the huge amount of money needed to construct the hospital. Besides, even if financing for construction could be obtained, there was the problem of how to get equipment. 


           Nevertheless, Dr. Angeles proceeded to organize AUFMC in February of 1985 and the first members of the Board of Directors accepted the challenge of making this vision a reality. These were Dr. Angeles, Diosdado P. Macapagal, Dr. Antonio Y. Angeles, Ramon R. Panlilio, Ruben G. Henson, Dr. Rodolfo Dimayuga and Dr. Edgardo Timbol.


          In its first meeting, the board resolved that forty-nine percent (49%) of the shares of AUFMC be authorized for sale to prospective stockholders, a majority of which were doctors and medical practitioners, and the remaining fifty-one percent (51%) be subscribed by the Angeles University Foundation. Apart from raising capital for the construction of the hospital building, the resolution would also encourage patronage of hospital facilities and services. Although a significant amount was raised from investment, the required capital was not reached, thus putting construction on hold.

          In 1987, the Social Security System, then administered by Mr. Jose L. Cuisia, Jr., launched a Hospital Loan Program to aid in the establishment of hospitals as an attempt to make health care more accessible to the masses. AUFMC was among the first beneficiaries of this program and was granted a loan of Thirty-Five Million Pesos (P35,000,000.00).


          Thus, on February 17, 1988, ground-breaking ceremonies were held for a building which was to be named the St. Martin de Porres Hall. The hospital was originally named the Angeles University Hospital.


          While funding for the building had been obtained, there was still the issue of how to get sufficient medical equipment. The AUFMC officers and directors gathered donations from several hospitals, but these donations were hardly adequate. Furnishing a hospital required the practically the same amount of money as the hospital building itself.


          In a stroke of luck, Dr. Angeles learned from Dr. Jaime B. Yamat that the entire contents of the two hundred fifty (250)-bed St. Anthony’s Medical Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was up for sale. Dr. Angeles, assisted by Dr. Yamat and Mr. John Cherba, lost no time in negotiating for the purchase of the medical equipment.


          While AUFMC offered the lowest bid, the owners of St. Anthony’s Medical Center awarded the bid to AUFMC because its objectives ran parallel to theirs: that of providing public service. Dr. Angeles together with his wife, Dr. Cornelia Lukban-Angeles, Engr. Sancho Cuyugan and Dr. Noel Panlilio spent almost four months in Milwaukee packing all the equipment and supplies and preparing them for shipment to the Philippines. When they finished, over thirty (30) containers were filled.


          Various hospital equipment were also obtained from donors in the United States of America such as Dr. Marc Rose, Mr. Fred Argosino, Dr. Jenny Batungmalaque, State Library of San Francisco, Edrina Kalinske, Queen of Angels of Los Angeles and Mr. Oscar Tandog.

          AUFMC was inaugurated on February 23, 1990, with President Corazon C. Aquino as principal sponsor and formally opened to serve the public on May 25, 1990. In December of that year, the board decided to open the hospital to physicians accredited by the specialty boards. This allowed visiting consultants to avail of AUFMC services and facilities. It also encouraged practitioners, though not members of the Angeles Medical Society, to join the medical staff.


          On January 31, 1998, AUFMC was converted from a stock corporation to a non-stock, non-profit medical foundation. Stockholders were given the option to either donate their shares to the foundation, allow their shares to be repurchased, or to transfer their shares to another corporation established to purchase and operate a CT-Scanner within AUFMC. This ensured that AUFMC would, for its entire existence, provide genuine public service.


          Through the years, AUFMC continued to grow and develop. On December 16, 2004, ground-breaking ceremonies were held for the Doña Evangelina Macapagal Medical Tower, a twelve (12)-storey expansion to the original building. The Medical Tower was named after the First Lady of President Diosdado Macapagal, Fifth President of the Republic of the Philippines. Once completed, the expansion would allow AUFMC to increase bed capacity and provide more specialized quality healthcare services. The first five floors of the Medical Tower were inaugurated on July 9, 2008 with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as principal sponsor.

          As it now stands, AUFMC is the only university-based private tertiary level teaching, training and research hospital in Central Luzon with accredited Residency Training Programs. Celebrating its 20th year of providing quality and compassionate health care, AUFMC was recognized as the Best Private Tertiary Hospital in Central Luzon by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation in 2009, an affirmation of the excellence it adheres to, which all patients can rely on.



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