Admission Procedures

Direct Admission

     Patients with doctor’s orders for admission after consultation may proceed directly to the admitting section of the hospital for immediate processing.

Arriving at AUFMC

     Patients will be assessed at the Emergency Department and check into the hospital at the Admitting Office located at the 1st floor. Our staff at the Admitting Office will assist you in getting a room of your choice or assign a room according to your medical need. You will be given your admission documents, kit and an identification bracelet (ID) which you must wear until you have been discharged from the hospital. We will then escort you to your room and make you feel comfortable. Our resident doctors and nursing staff will visit you soon afterward.

What you must present

Please present the following prior to admission:

Doctor’s Order

Health Insurance Card (HMO and/or Philhealth)

Philhealth Requirements (MDR, Form 1 & 2, etc.)

Personal Identification such as Passport, Driver’s License, SSS/GSIS ID, Company ID, Senior Citizen ID, etc.

Letter of Authorization (LOA) from your health insurance company and/or employer

What you need to bring?

     Bring only essential items during confinement such as sleepwear and toiletries. Please leave all valuables at home. If this is not possible, we strongly recommend depositing your valuables in our safe. AUFMC shall not be held responsible for missing or stolen personal valuables and belongings.

Emergency Room Admission

     Medical emergencies, (unstable) patients and all pediatric cases must pass through the emergency room prior to admission to the hospital.



After the need for admission is verified, patients or their authorized representative will be requested to accomplish a registration form.


Upon submission of the completed registration form, the admitting officer will provide information about the availability of rooms, hospital policies and procedures, safety and security policies, and other matters pertinent to admission.


An admission agreement is printed out by the admitting officer to be signed by the patient or his authorized representative.


A nursing assistant will then come by to bring the patient to their room.

Special Considerations


Patients with communicable diseases must be admitted in private rooms.


Requests for confidentiality or privacy may be accommodated. Please ask the admitting officer about our confidentiality program.

Charity Patients

     Charity patients must fill up Indigency form with signed consent by the parent or guardian otherwise admission will not be approved by the Hospital Director.  Charity patients will be admitted at the service ward only.  However, if the properly filled up form is not presented during admission, patient will be considered as PRIVATE patient.


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